Fieldbus Incorporated is a leading provider of fieldbus technology solutions for HART, WirelessHART, Profibus and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices and systems. An authorized "FOUNDATION Fieldbus Development Services Provider", we provide fieldbus technology, development and integration services for process automation devices and systems. As recognized experts in communication technologies for process automation, Fieldbus Incorporated has been instrumental in the development of the FOUNDATION fieldbus, HART and WirelessHART communications standards and technology since 1993.


Fieldbus Inc. technology is found in thousands of fieldbus devices in use today. We have helped many end-users troubleshoot and resolve installation and other fieldbus system issues. Our dedicated team of fieldbus experts have decades of experience with fieldbus, product development, embedded real-time software, training, support and troubleshooting.


Fieldbus Inc. is an active member and contributor to the Fieldbus Foundation and HART Communication Foundation. We are fieldbus technology experts and work on fieldbus every day.


Please browse our site. We have several informative papers including our popular Fieldbus Primer that may be of interest to you. If you can't find what you are looking for, or if we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Development.
If you are a device manufacturer looking to implement fieldbus technology in a new or existing product, Fieldbus Incorporated can provide expert assistance to speed your product development and assure compliance with fieldbus standards. We provide the full scope of technology, tools and services for implementing fieldbus based product solutions including communication stacks, hardware modules, integration and pre-registration compliance testing. Our expertise and years of experience in designing and building field measurement and control devices will help you develop a new fieldbus product or upgrade and existing device on time and on budget.

Training / Support Services.
If you are currently using fieldbus in your plant, planning an fieldbus project, having problems with your installation, or want to better use the intelligent diagnostics and data from your fieldbus system, we have the experience, expertise and know-how to help.

Fieldbus Technology.

Our FOUNDATION Fieldbus Primer is a popular overview of fieldbus technology. Check it out and some of other papers here.
Fieldbus International (Fint) and Fieldbus Inc. (FI) Announce Strategic Partnership

The strategic partnership combines Fint's 15 years of experience in marketing and fieldbus technology development with FI's unique fieldbus expertise to form the perfect partnership team providing the best technology, services and support to world-wide customers.


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