Fieldbus Inc. is now a FOUNDATION Fieldbus approved Development Services Provider. Further information can be found at the Foundation's website here.

Since 1993 Fieldbus Inc. has been providing fieldbus solutions for our customers. We were instrumental in the original development and testing of the Foundation Fieldbus technology. Our technology is found in thousands of fieldbus devices in use today. And we have helped many end-users solve their installation and other fieldbus issues. Our dedicated team of fieldbus experts have decades of experience with fieldbus, product development, embedded real-time software, training, support, and field trouble-shooting.


We work on fieldbus every day.


Please browse our site. We have several informative papers including our popular Fieldbus Primer that may be of interest to you. If you can't find what you are looking for, or if we can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Field Device Development.
If you are a field device vendor, FI can provide all the tools needed for fieldbus development including communication stacks and function blocks. Our years of experience designing and building field devices can be used to add FOUNDATION fieldbus to your current device. Or we can help you build a new device starting with a blank sheet of paper.


If you want to learn more about fieldbus, we have several unique, specialized courses. No one knows more about FOUNDATION Fieldbus than Fieldbus Inc., and this is reflected in our training program.

Support Solutions.
If you are currently using FOUNDATION fieldbus in your plant, planning an FF project, having problems with your installation, or wanting to improve how you use the data from your fieldbus system, we have the field experience to help.

Fieldbus Technology.

Our FOUNDATION Fieldbus Primer is a popular overview of fieldbus technology. Check it out and some of other papers here.
Does your competition already have Fieldbus?

List of registered FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices by type

Device Type # Registered # Companies
Analytical 42 12
Converter 9 3
Final Control 47 25
Flow 54 22
Level 60 22
Linking Devices 13 11
Pressure 47 15
Temperature 29 15


If you are feeling left behind contact us. We will help you catch and surpass your competition.