Modbus to FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Converts Modbus Protocol Device to FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Two versions

  • DIN Rail Gateway (T710)
  • Build-in Module (T610)

T710 - Modbus to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Gateway

  • Interface up to four (4) Modbus instruments (RS-485) to an FF H1 network
  • One dynamic variable (PV) with status per instrument
  • Modbus Master communicates with connected Modbus instrument(s)
  • Continuously reads and updates the PV
  • Any Modbus communication problem reported in FF diagnostic message
  • Supports alarm flagging & low pass filtering
  • Configure with any FF configurator
  • T710 Data Sheet

T610 - Modbus to FOUNDATION Fieldbus Build-in Module

  • OEM module for embedded integration in device enclosure
  • Upgrade Modbus device to FF H1 device
  • Transfer up to four (4) dynamic variable from device for conversion to four (4) FF dynamic variables
  • Four (4) Analog Input (AI) function blocks with alarms, low pass filter, unit conversion, calibration & diagnostics
  • Can be customized with other function blocks upon request
  • Modbus connection - CMOS UART, RS-232, or RS-485
  • Configure variable locations and data types with any FF configurator
  • T610 Data Sheet