Modbus to HART Converter

Converts Modbus Protocol Device to HART Protocol

Two versions

  • DIN Rail Gateway (T310)
  • Build-in Module (T210)

T310 - Modbus to HART Protocol Gateway

  • Configurable DIN rail module for interfacing Modbus device to HART protocol network
  • Modbus Master communicates with connected Modbus device
  • Continuously reads and updates the Primary Variable (PV) from the Modbus device
  • Reads up to three (3) additional dynamic variables from the Modbus device
  • Supports low pass filtering, range setting and unit conversion
  • Includes active current source, generates 4-20mA loop current based on the PV
  • Configure Modbus address, register locations and data types with SW002 PC Software
  • RS-485 Modbus connection, loop powered
  • T310 Data Sheet

T210 - Modbus to HART Build-in Module

  • Configurable, OEM module for integration in device enclosure
  • Convert Modbus device with 4-20mA current loop output to HART protocol
  • Communicates with device over serial Modbus RTU protocol interface
  • Reads up to four (4) dynamic variables from device for communication via HART protocol
  • Supports HART 5 Universal Commands and select Common Practice Commands
  • Configure device variable locations and data types using SW002 PC Software
  • Modbus connection options are RS-485, RS-232 or CMOS
  • Supports HART burst mode and multidrop communication
  • Small dimensions - 50mm x 50mm
  • T210 Data Sheet