Fieldbus Development, Integration, Testing & Verification Services

Experts in FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and WirelessHART

More than 20 years experience providing fieldbus technology solutions for intelligent measurement, control and systems products in process automation. Fieldbus, Inc. is an authorized Development Services Provider with specialized expertise in FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and WirelessHART Communication technologies. Our product and service offerings span the range of industry needs for fieldbus technology solutions from product planning and development to fieldbus application, training and installation troubleshooting. Below is a sampling of the fieldbus technology, services and solutions we provide.


Fieldbus Technology Services & Solutions Overview
Product Design & Development   Consultation & Training

Fieldbus based field device & system development

HART, WirelessHART & FOUNDATION Fieldbus solutions

Fieldbus communication stacks, integration & porting

Standard & custom function blocks

Device Description design, development & testing

Fieldbus hardware & software components

HART hardware & software components


Fieldbus implementation planning

Fieldbus system specifications

User’s engineering & maintenance training

Vendor’s engineering & design training

Plant studies & recommendations

Evaluation of vendor proposals

Installation assessment & troubleshooting


Compliance Testing & Verification

  Fieldbus Technology Support

HART & FOUNDATION Fieldbus compliance testing

FF device interoperability (ITK) pre-testing

HART and FF device testing & registration

FF host (HIST) test support

Fieldbus communication stack testing

Device & control system compatibility testing


NI (National Instruments) stack maintenance

Communication stack upgrades & modifications

Function block maintenance

User & vendor fieldbus support