Modbus to Profibus Gateway

Connects Modbus RTU device(s) to Profibus DP Network

  • Modbus RTU Master to Profibus DP Slave gateway for demanding process control applications

T511 - Modbus to Profibus DP Gateway

  • Configurable DIN rail gateway for interfacing Modbus devices to Profibus DP Network
  • Connect up to four (4) Modbus RTU slave devices (RS-485)
  • One measured variable per channel including measurement quality status
  • Supports both Profibus DP-V0 and DP-V1 configuration services
  • Up to ten (10) read / write setup registers per Modbus device
  • Slide / DIP switches for bus termination and address setting
  • Supports diagnostic information per NAMUR NE107 requirements
  • Full flexibility for mapping diagnostic information to the 4 NAMUR flags
  • Supports Change Address Function and Automatic Profibus baud rate detection
  • Any Modbus communication problem reported in Profibus Diagnostics message
  • Gateway module easily configured from a PC, no special tools required
  • T511 Data Sheet